Moody’s Local History

Moody’s Local is a group of  domestic credit rating agencies that provides local ratings and research reports to the financial markets of Latin America. Moody’s Local combines locally calibrated methodologies for each country with experienced teams of analysts to deliver valuable and specific information in each market.

Moody’s Local was launched in 2019 as a new business model to meet the needs of local market players in the region, based on the core values associated with the Moody’s brand: integrity, transparency, quality, and consistency in the rating process.
That same year, Equilibrium — an entity fully owned by Moody’s Corporation dedicated to providing local ratings and research services in Peru, Panama, and Bolivia — became part of Moody’s Local group of credit rating agencies.
Then, over the following three years, we completed the launch of Moody’s Local in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Mexico, expanding the business model to existing operations. 

In 2022, we also announced the acquisition and merger of Class, a Peruvian credit rating agency, with Moody’s Local Peru.
And in 2023, we further expanded the reach of our presence in Central America with the acquisition of SCR, becoming an affiliate of Moody’s Local.
Today, 5 years after the start of operations, Moody’s Local is present in 7 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay. It has over 130 employees and serves more than 1300 regional clients. 

Moody’s Local