Moody’s Local Leadership

Our diverse leadership team embodies Moody’s core values and is tasked with upholding our track record as a domestic provider of trusted insights that can help decision-makers navigate the safest path through turmoil and market volatility. 

Latin America Leadership Team

Regional Management Team

Martin Fernandez Romero

Managing Director Moody’s Local

Alberth Chacón Madrigal

AVP Risk Management Moody’s Local

Delfina Baltar

VP Strategy & Business Moody’s Local

Martin Campbell

General Counsel Moody’s Local

Agustin Girimonti

VP Finance Moody’s Local

Bernardo Coindreau

Head of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Moody’s Local

Diego López Yse

Head of Operations Moody’s Local

Valeria Azconegui

Head of Credit Standards Moody’s Local

General Manager

Carlos Díaz de la Garza

General Manager Mexico

Daniela Valenzuela

General Manager Argentina & Uruguay

Miriam Manrique

General Manager Central America

Carlos Prates

General Manager Brazil

Juan Manuel Martans

General Manager Panama

Renzo Barbieri

General Manager Peru & Bolivia